Gemini Job Pitch

The bones

The importance of digital currency

People are valueing digital currencies and blockchain more than ever. People are witnessing cencership and the rights to invest being taken away. The dollar is being devaluedn everyday and the current transational system needs to be upgdaded. I want to be a part of Gemini and play a role

Winkilvoss Twins

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss

The twins bought $11 million worth of Bitcoins in 2013

And since then they have been advocating the improtance of digital currencies and blockchain.

Gemini Products and services

Gemini Pay-a way to conduct trasactions

Gemini Wallet-a secure way to store your assets

Gemini Clearing- a way for two parties to securly settle a trade off the books. You act as a 3rd party confirming party.

Gemini Dollar-gemini’s own crypto currency. that is regulated

Gemini Earn-earn upto 7.5% interest

Gemini Trade-a multi device platform to trade digital currencies

Nifty Gateway-token backed art collectables

Positions available/interested in:

Software engineer or a tech project manager

Questions to ask:

What has your experience been like with Gemini?

How often do you work with other departments?

Where do you see gemini in five years?

What are some tools and resources you use on a daily basis?

Current Penn State student; history of working in higher education; diverse range of technical skills in CAD, electronics and software development.