The bones

The importance of digital currency

People are valueing digital currencies and blockchain more than ever. People are witnessing cencership and the rights to invest being taken away. The dollar is being devaluedn everyday and the current transational system needs to be upgdaded. …

Coming back after atleast my sixth campus career event, a strong sence of deja vu creeps by me as I sit down preparing myself to go through all of the business cards and pamphlets I had collected over the course of three hours. I am a junior undergrad seeking an…

The Presidential Election Series

We are about to witness what will be the most important Presidential elections in American history. Our current leader has questionably lead us for over the past three years and has divided the country to the most it has ever been. …


Current Penn State student; history of working in higher education; diverse range of technical skills in CAD, electronics and software development.

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